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Phase I

Pre-design and Schematic Design

Become familiar with the site or the existing structure, determine the program and inherent design problems, document existing conditions, resolve and document a conceptual solution to the design.

With the basic parameters of the project established based on initial consultations with the client, my work begins with conceptual brainstorming resulting in concept diagrams and rough sketches that help us determine siting and orientation of the structure on the property, size and overall appearance/character of the house or building, and general layout. I design an aesthetically pleasing, functional space that takes all the following into consideration:  unique features of the building site, the client’s program (functional needs) and ideas or wishes relating to design and style, the client’s budget, code requirements, standard building practices and emerging trends such as those relating to energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Client feedback on sketches and drawings helps me take steps toward refining the design. There can be several iterations on the design during this important first phase in the design process, leading ultimately to a final agreement on the direction in which to proceed with the design project. Then we develop interior spaces and feature elements. Drawings are prepared that describe some of the important technical details. Architectural plans, exterior elevations and building sections through the house or building are developed.

Phase II

Design Development and Construction documents

Refine the conceptual design and produce a set of documents for constructing the design.

With those important elements finalized, I then prepare working drawings (also referred to as building plans or floor plans) and specifications to define in detail all of the materials that are to be incorporated into the house/building, where they are to be located and how they are to be installed. Although this phase is primarily intended for working out the technical aspects of the project, some design work also takes place. In addition, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and interior design finish materials (tile, carpet, paint colors, etc.) are selected – all with client input and approval.

I produce thorough documentation and drawings (that include details such as, but not limited to, all trim, casework, moldings, built-in cabinetry, hard surfacing, and lighting design) so that construction pricing is competitive and will be on target (i.e., not subject to increases once construction is underway) because the chance for errors and omissions that cost time and money during construction are minimized; my drawing leave nothing to guesswork or the builder’s imagination.

Phase III

Contract Administration

Act as your representative during the construction process, assuring that the construction documents are followed and understood.

I serve as the owner’s representative before and during the construction process, answering questions from state and local officials, the builder, and sub-contractors. The construction process is very complex, with a multitude of parts fitting together. Almost always something comes up—either an unforeseen condition at the site or an opportunity to reduce construction costs through value-engineering, for example—that results in a proposed tweak to the client-approved design. As the owner’s representative, I interact with building officials and contractors to evaluate all proposed changes from the owner’s perspective, and I am able to offer guidance to the owner about whether making a proposed change is a wise decision, taking into consideration impact on design aesthetics, functionality of space, budget, and schedule.

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