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Carbon Challenge Providence, RI

Design Challenge:
The contest was open to architects from all over the country, and there were 144 participants.

The competition participants were tasked with developing a Habitat for Humanity home design for a vacant lot at 24 Hannah St. in Providence. Life-cycle assessment software from the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute was used by designers to determine the impact of the greenhouse gas emissions from the products in their design.  The 1,400-square foot two-story house was required to support a 4-6 person family with two working adults and include a minimum of three bedrooms with the ability to convert to a four-bedroom home.

According to the judges: “Campanella's design incorporated a more modern floor plan while remaining within the square footage parameters of a Habitat house and fitting contextually within the neighborhood,” as reported in a news release announcing the competition results. “In addition to employing building science strategies and advanced framing techniques, Campanella's design utilized proper site orientation for ‘solar gain’ and to take advantage of prevailing breezes by situating primary living spaces to the south and west.” And “Through the use of contextually appropriate design and optional living spaces, this design becomes a clear example of efficient housing in the Olnysville community. It is a testament to the use of simple, common sense design elements to achieve the maximum use of space, as well as, community inspired architecture which would have a positive impact on the neighborhood.”

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