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Higgins Residence West Hartford, CT

Design Challenge:
The home was a 1960 Garrison with an attached garage situated in a neighborhood where every fourth house was the same design. The client’s program needs called for a 400-square-foot addition to accommodate an office, a 200-square-foot garage extension, and conversion of existing garage space to create a mudroom and interior passage between front and rear yards. Desired exterior enhancements included new windows, doors and siding, as well as a roof to cover the front entrance.

The design concept was to fulfill program needs while also transforming an aesthetically unremarkable structure typical of 1960s track-developed subdivisions into what might have been the original 1800 farmhouse torn down by the developer in 1960.

The final design added office space to the west, extended the garage to the east, and integrated all elements by adding a long, wrapping porch along the south (street) elevation. The porch provides not only a cover for both the front entrance and the new side entry into the mudroom, but it also creates a useable outdoor space that is very inviting because of sunshine and prevailing breezes from the south. In addition, the design took advantage of the home’s new exterior envelope to increase energy efficiency by adding insulation and tightening air sealing.

The front porch, traditional detailing around the windows and doors, and the addition of small shed dormers and authentic shuttering present the original Garrison in a visually exciting new context that is, at the same time, evocative of a more traditional early American design.


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