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Private Residence Colchester,Ct

Design Challenge:

The client lived in an existing home with an acceptable rear façade overlooking the wooded property to the west and a flat, utilitarian façade on the front/driveway approach from the east. The architectural project required improving the front-facing aesthetics of the home while expanding and enhancing interior spaces to meet the client’s programmatic objectives. The principal design challenges was to add/change program and make the front elevation more attractive, welcoming, and approachable.  

The solution was to address both the aesthetic and programmatic challenge by adding an essentially “missing” front half of the house. The design added and adjusted interior spaces to accommodate a new master suite, an additional bedroom with a shared bath, laundry and a half bath. The design also incorporated a new front entrance and a rustic, timber-framed porch running the length of the house, a welcoming approach.